Cultural Competence is a critical leadership trait for any business executive working internationally. Sessions can happen remotely and therefore occur no matter where the executive finds themselves around the globe. 

Typical scenarios that might prompt a call could be

Preparing for a first business trip to a new location
Discussing proper roll-out of a global communication initiative
Tailoring a presentation for another country’s audience
Discussing the criteria for decision-making in a particular country
Creating a network in a foreign location
Debriefing frustrating situations that recently happened

Sample coaching for U.S. Inpatriates:

Avoid a sleeping or confused audience. Not all educational systems breed confident public speakers. Most internationals did not have Kindergarten Show and Tell or eight grade speech class. We offer practical tips such as turning those detailed powerpoint slides into bullet points and starting with THE POINT! 

Sometimes internationals just need a little extra coaching when it comes to communicating the message so it is well received. Interactions can greatly improve with just a few hours of coaching.