Moving to the U.S. can be very frustrating! Assignees have trouble signing an apartment lease, not to mention trying to get cable or a cell phone. How do you get a credit card with no credit history? How do you get electricity without a social security number?

Here are sample services available for selection into a customized program.

Pre-Assignment Trip
Airport pick-up
Area orientation
Representative property showings
Neighborhood overviews
School information and appointments
Shopping information (food, clothing, specialty items)
Local customs explanations
Recreational facility showings
Spousal opportunity discussion
Public transportation
Religious worship centers
Welcome packet

Apartment search
Lease negotiation
Furniture rental
Appliance purchase
Insurance inscription
Utility hook-up (gas, electric, water, telephone, cable)

Settling-In Services
Social security number application
Independent taxpayer identification number application
License application at Department of Motor Vehicles
Driving tips
Medical information (doctor, dentist, pharmacy, hospital)
Bank account application
Automobile attainment
Connection to clubs, organizations, hobbies, etc.
Post-arrival follow-up and on-going support available as needed
Specific needs addressed